Cybercafe is one of facilities which unlocked on Level.6.

Description Edit

Cybercafe provides the computer which tourists can use it, while using Cybercafe, tourists will sit on the brown chair, if couple tourists enter Cybercafe, both will sit on the same chair.


Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time
Level 1 Coin Appeal Coin3,200 Coin200 Time2h
Level 2 Coin6,400 Coin260 Time2h 30m
Level 3 Coin12,800 Coin340 Time3h 30m
Level 4 +3 +1 Coin25,600 Coin445 Time5h 30m
Level 5 Coin51,200 Coin580 Time8h 30m
Level 6 Coin102,400 Coin755 Time11h 30m
Level 7 Coin204,800 Coin985 Time14h 30m
Level 8 Coin409,600 Coin1,285 Time17h 30m
Level 9 Coin819,200 Coin1,675 Time20h 30m
Level 10 Coin1,638,400 Coin2,180 Time23h 30m

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