Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time
Level 1 Coin Appeal Coin2,400 Coin170 Time1h 30m
Level 2 Coin4,800 Coin225 Time2h
Level 3 Coin9,600 Coin295 Time3h
Level 4 Coin19,200 Coin385 Time5h
Level 5 Coin38,400 Coin505 Time8h
Level 6 Coin76,800 Coin660 Time11h
Level 7 Coin153,600 Coin860 Time14h
Level 8 Coin307,200 Coin1,120 Time17h
Level 9 Coin614,400 Coin1,460 Time20h
Level 10 Coin1,228,800 Coin1,900 Time23h

Laundry is one of the facilities which unlocked on Level 5.

Description Edit

Laundry helps tourist by washing their clothes, when tourists enter this shop to take their clothes, the clerk will give tourist the skyblue bag with cleaned clothes. There are one yellow box, two washing powders and a laundry basket on the counter. Behind the clerk, there is the drying place which place 5 clothes on the left side and two washing machines on the right side.

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