Vending Machine is available on Level 1.

Description Edit

Vending Machine allows tourists can get drink by themselves without by waiter, there is a green vending machine, a red vending machine and a recycle bin.

Trivia Edit

  • 1 Vending Machine is given at the start of the game.


Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time
Level 1 Coin Appeal Coin200 Coin50 Time3m
Level 2 Coin400 Coin65 Time15m
Level 3 Coin800 Coin85 Time30m
Level 4 Coin1,600 Coin115 Time1h
Level 5 +3 +1 Coin3,200 Coin150 Time2h
Level 6 Coin6,400 Coin195 Time4h
Level 7 Coin12,800 Coin255 Time7h
Level 8 Coin25,600 Coin335 Time11h
Level 9 Coin51,200 Coin440 Time15h
Level 10 Coin102,400 Coin575 Time19h

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